Honig Cab – A Heart Flutter from the Retailer’s Shelf!

I never tire of seeing one of my label designs on a retailer’s shelf. Sometimes I’ll notice one when I’m shopping. This time, one jumped out on Facebook: a dramatic shelf shot from “Mr. P’s Butcher & Deli” in Birmingham, Alabama. Mr. P’s featured Honig’s Cabernet Sauvignon this week. As it turned out Honig had shared the FB shot and I followed suit.

View from the Starting Gate

Seeing a label on a retailer’s shelf is an eye opener and a learning experience. Your competition is right there – on the left and right, in most cases. I always ask myself the hard question: how did my label do? Is it lost positioned next to Silver Oak? Honestly, I don’t think so. Cab’s in the $40.00 range shouldn’t shout, in my opinion. The package needs to reflect what’s in the bottle without whistles and bells. I think the Honig Cab label strikes just the right note.

Thank You Mr. P’s

Weather it comes from Alabama or my neighborhood favorite, Mill Valley Market, I appreciate the heart flutter. I particularly like it when a retailer posts a handsome image of a project on Facebook.