Meet Farm Diva!

When you live in the same town most of your life, you get to know the locals. Victoria Cressman has woven herself into the texture of Mill Valley on many levels. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with her on several of her projects. Farm Diva has been one of my favorites.

Finding A Face

For starters, Vicki’s Farm Diva band name is a winner. It was my job to put a face on Ms. Diva. I had other visual references to consider. The product line was estate grown olive oils from the Cressman Ranch in Sonoma. There was also a yoga component. We landed on a striking profile of woman with a full head of olives and leaves. She is hard to miss.

The labeling took many forms. The Ayana package was my preference. The product line was featured in regional ads. I was also asked to create a product shot which was fun. Just about anything that comes to mind can be placed together in Photoshop.

 Vino Loco

My first Cressman project was a wine label for their ranch grown varietals in Sonoma. I suggested “Vino Loco.” They decided it was a perfect fit for their family. The package design won a gold medal at the Sonoma Valley Fair.

 Keeping It Local

There is a lot to be said for working together with the people in your neighborhood. Sharing your skills and imagination with friends becomes more familiar and comfortable. It’s important to be professional and have fun at the same time.