New Zealand Sailed Into My Lap!

Occasionally, luck happens.  This opportunity arrived on two fronts; a label design project and a wonderful travel experience. The San Francisco Wine Exchange had agreed to import Whitehaven Wine Company Limited Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.  It was determined that a new package design was required to appeal to the American market.

Getting the New Zealand Experience

Whitehaven’s founders, Greg and Sue White, wanted me to get a firsthand look at their Blenheim winery located on New Zealand’s South Island.  Blenheim sits on the north eastern tip of the Marlborough Appellation.  It is considered New Zealand’s number one wine growing region.

I had been told that New Zealand was breathtaking.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The small town of Blenheim sits on a beautiful bay with the South Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.  The town and surrounding vineyards are situated on wide open plain with volcanic peaks on the western horizon.  I learned that this micro climate, combined with New Zealand’s short growing season, help shape the flavor contours of the wine.

A Winery at the End of an Adventure

I also heard that Greg and Sue White put their respective business finance careers on hold and set off on a three-year sailing adventure.  They travelled the South Pacific and steered a course to Blenheim.  Taken with the area, they dropped anchor for good and founded their winery.  This story sparked the sailboat on Whitehaven’s face labels and capsules.

It would be unfair not to mention one of New Zealand’s finest characteristics; the New Zealanders themselves.  To a person, they were gracious, friendly and welcoming.  My experience with the White’s and their wonderful country couldn’t be classified as work.  It was an absolute pleasure.