Sense of Place

A Ghost from the Past – A Thank You Note!

I do not get thank you “notes” that often. It’s not that I don’t have appreciative clients. They just send me an email like everyone else.

Sense of PlaceLeslie Bowlus, the owner of Sense of Place, did send me an old fashioned paper, hand written, thank you note. It was tucked inside a case of wine, which made it even sweeter. The note and envelope, I might add, was a part of my design assignment. She specifically requested a high quality letterhead suite printed in letterpress on textured stock. I was one of the fortunate ones on the receiving end.

Let’s not overlook the note’s content. I both liked and appreciated her comment the most. Sometimes, taking the time to do the personal things makes all the difference in the world. The old fashioned way still works in my world.

You are welcome, Leslie. Thanks once again for the project.