Waterstone Wines - Jim Moon Designs
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Waterstone Wines

“Affordable luxury wines from the Napa Valley” best describes Waterstone Wines’ portfolio. The wines are balanced, earnest expressions of the grapes and terroir from which they came.   With this reputation in mind I was asked to create premium tier package designs for blend wines called In Studio and Study in Blue.

The designs retain the formal elegance of their standing Waterstone package. At the same time my client, Brent Shortridge, wanted to create a distinctive look that would elevate the brands within the Waterstone portfolio. For me, the blend’s names, In Studio, Study in Blue and Study in Red established the direction. How could we visually express the varietal content of each blend in a pleasing way? Paint brush strokes and drippings captured each wine’s complexity and visual tone.

Together with compatible capsule treatments, the designs were approved. They visually linked to Waterstone’s standing labels. At the same time, they expressed their own respective identities.

Project Highlights
  • Designed Waterstone’s premium blend wines
  • Reflected Waterstone’s standing branding
  • Redesigned Waterstone’s Mandolin brand
  • Provided all print and capsule project management
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