The Power of an Idea!

The Power of an Idea!

This grainy old image popped up on Facebook a while back. I have no idea who created it. My congratulations to the artist who made it happen.

I love stuff like this.  It stays with me. I’ll go out on limb and say that a lot of people like flights of fantasy. Just thinking about carousel horses running off their moorings is inspiring. It delights because it is totally unexpected.

Upgrade the Level of Interest!

Ideas are powerful. Successful brands know this. If there is an added visual cue, one twinkling nugget, it makes a brain implant. It does this, in my opinion, because it entertains. I am not suggesting that every brand needs runaway carousel horses to be remembered. That said, there is nothing wrong with visual cleverness. Creating another level of interest is all about capturing attention on the shelf.

In the meantime, keep an eye open for those horses.