Best Wine Label Nominee, San Francisco Magazine

Honig Label AwardAn unexpected and surprise gift pinged in on my birthday from San Francisco Magazine. A Napa Valley friend and client, Julie Johnson, owner and winemaker of Tres Sabores, sent me a press release announcing that her winery was nominated for Most Environmentally Friendly Vintner. She also congratulated me for being nominated.

Surprise, You Were Nominated Too!

It was news to me. Honig Vineyard & Winery had been nominated for “Best Label Design.” Since I designed that label, my birthday had another dimension to celebrate. San Francisco Magazine’s release read, “This award is presented to a winery that is distinguished by their unique, creative, and eye-catching wine label. The candidates wine label sets them apart from the rest and stands out on every shelf.”

The award winners will be announced at the event gala on August 23rd, 2017.  My client, Honig’s Director of Marketing, will be there along with other people from the winery.  I might even tag along?